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Abrasive products in Ivyland, PA

TBS Abrasives, Inc. in Ivyland, PA manufactures high-quality abrasive products from tightly graded mineral particles coated on polyester film backings to provide precision finishes. Used for polishing fiber optic connectors and rigid memory disks, texturing thin film disks, roll super-finishing and flat lapping applications.

Our products include metallurgic discs, Diamond compounds, Diamond Slurry, Extenders, Lubricants, Aluminum Oxide slurry, Colloidal Slurry, Diamond lapping film, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide Powders.
Metallurgical Products
  • Silicon Carbide coated on “C” weight wet or Dry paper
  • Available with and without PSA backing
  • Diamond Lapping Film
Available in the following disks sizes:
8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 200mm, 230mm, 250mm, 305mm
Available in the following grit sizes:
  • 60E (60P)
  • 80E (80P)
  • 120E (120P)
  • 180E (180P)
  • 240E (240P)
  • 320E (360P)
  • E - Electrostatically Oriented
  • S - Slurry Coated Product
Disks are packed 100 PCS per box
  • 400E (600P)
  • 600E (1200P)
  • 800E (2400P)
  • 800S (2400P)
  • 1000S (3000P)
  • 1200E (4000P)
  • 1200S (4000P)
Polishing pads - TBS Abrasives, Inc. in Ivyland, PA

Dynalap Products

DYNALAP is an ultra fine dispersed uniform coated abrasive product on polyester film or wet /dry paper. This process ensures high flexibility, strength and wear characteristics. DYNALAP can be used wet or dry to achieve the best precision finish that is required in today's markets. DYNALAP lapping films are available in different mineral types and a Varity of micron sizes.
For ordering information, please see below.

When ordering please:
1. Specify Product / Mineral Type
2. Micron size
3. Backing Type ( mil thickness or paper w/d) plain or psa
4. Form (sheets , disks, or rolls) sizes
** If ordering rolls specify core ID size and abrasive side wound in or out (A.S.I. or A.S.O. )
5. Amount/Quantity
Abrasive pads and polishing compounds - TBS Abrasives, Inc. in Ivyland, PA
Application size chart - TBS Abrasives, Inc. in Ivyland, PA
Emery Papers available in 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, and 1/0
Standard Products are available with 3 mil polyester films and standard paper base “C” wet/dry and foam backing available. Both 3 mil film and paper backs are available with a pressure sensitive adhesive (P.S.A.) applied available on sheet and disks only. Above products can be converted in the following forms.

  1. Disks (1” through 12” diameters) also available in millimeters sizes
  2. Sheets up to 13” in width
  3. Rolls from (0.150” through 13” width) 50 feet minimum length

Rolls are put up on standard cores 1” and 3” I.D.
Also available in 2, 5, & 7 mil polyester film by special order.

Diamond and aluminum oxide are color coded for easy identification. Abrasive types and micron sizes, and mil thickness other then those mentioned in the above chart are available by special order.

TBS Abrasive Inc. also carries Micro Finishing Films (9um through 180um) along with coolants, slurries, compounds, polishing pads and abrasive powders.
Contact TBS Abrasives, Inc. today for more information and ordering products at 215-674-8820.